Cynthia Rowley

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Art Made For Hallows Eve

Brooklyn-based artist, Amelia Bauer, collaborated with floral artist Elizabeth Parks Kibbey for her Book of Shadows series, which depicts plant ingredients used for spells in early American witchcraft. This particular print is a mix of plants used for a spell to conjure ghosts. Snag this spooky print on now!

Who We’re Loving - Matthew Cusick

These collage pieces by artist Matthew Cusick are particulary peaking our interest here! Cusick intracately uses pieces of maps (cutting each piece precisely along every contour and borderline to maintain each part of the map's intended boundaries) to create these stunning works of art.  What's more exciting is that you can get your hands on a signed limited edition of his Rachel's Wave piece now, on Check this piece and a few of our other favorites below!  

Rachel's Wave, 2011

Blue Horse, 2011

Transamerica, 2004

Oceania, 2012