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British Rubbish and Untitled Gallery

Last Saturday the family headed over to the much beloved New Museum for the book signing of Tim Noble and Sue Webster's "BRITISH RUBBISH".

As you can see from the photo above these two are painfully genius. The body of their work are these incredible trash construction shadow portraits shown here, as well as "light installations that riff of Las Vegas' location as being a place somewhere between heaven and hell." Another favorite quote of their style is: "Their art evokes both gaudy Vegas culture and down-and-dirty punk rock: a combination of cynical extravagance and a defiant, rebellious sensibility."

Maybe my MOST favortie part of the day is the SAMESIES! that happened with Sue Webster and my little mini me!


Sunday afternoon brought the family to the Untitled Gallery for the Opening of Henry Taylor's exhibition.

I will pique your interest for the artist with the first couple lines of the artist's bio: "Remarkably prolific, Taylor began painting seriously at the California state hospital where he worked as a psychiatric nurse for ten years. While still in school, he developed a style that was both understated and nuanced and began working, more or less, compulsively, painting people he'd find on the street and becoming a fixture in downtown LA."

Not satisifed? The show is explained as such: "For his show at the gallery, Henry will install an African hut, a large-scale sculpture built in part from the miscellany stashed in his studio and inspired by a recent trip to Ethiopia. The piece is a hodgepodge of random and found objects ranging from clusters of Chinese brooms, a disrobed mannequin, and a taxidermied hyena."

Untitled Gallery is located at 30 Orchard St in the LES, & the Henry Taylor Show will be open through April 22nd.

xo CR