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the brucennial- nyc

Do you know about the Brucennial???

Not Springstein. Neither Willis. Nor Lee.

The Bruce High Quality Foundation is an art collective "created to foster an alternative to everything." And I was pumped to attend their Brucennial last Friday in Soho. The place was packed. The BHQF promises excitement as the collective is mostly anonymous, and wholly interestd in promoting fresh, new, interesting works and identites in the art world. You can see all the contributors here. Im not going to post pictures of the show becasue I IMPLORE you to go in person and take in the whole space/experience. I will post some pictures of other pieces by artists displayed there to hopefully excite and encourage you to go!

(clockwise from top: D. Fuller, S, Panyuta, A. Relme)

Some of the featured artists at Brucennial have collaborated with us at Exhibition A! <----( do you know about our amazing "for the people" art business??? check it out here)

159 Bleecker
Opens Feb 29, 6-9pm
open wed-sun, 12-6

xo CR