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Spring 2013 Installation Photos

photo by Lee Clower

For my Spring 2013 installation, I bid farewell to the traditional fashion show format in favor of a more modern and unique approach. Instead, there was a two-hour long combination installation and photo shoot. To me, the concept of models running past a pit of photographers hoping to get a great final shot is insane. Knowing that the final image is what will last forever in publications and in the minds of her guests, I invited both artistic and press photographers to shoot the installation from their point of view, thus banishing the unpredictability and sameness of typical runway photography. Below, amongst the models, Prosecco, and raining confetti, guests viewed the photo shoot in real time via projected imagery on the peeling walls. I am so excited to share with you the variety of images we received from the photographers. 

photo by Alexis Dahan

Photos by Kelly Stuart of The Glow

Photos by Joanna Totolici

Photos by Erin Goldberg

Photos by Naomi Shon

Photos by Rebekah Lichter

Photos by Sam Horine