Cynthia Rowley

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New Resort ‘15 Wetsuits

Start planning your next getaway because new wetsuits are IN! New prints, colorblock combos, and racer stripe styles. Below are a few stills from our Resort '15 video by Henry Pincus, featuring the latest collection. 

Fashion Around the World on Refinery29

Refinery29 has launched a new 6 part video series that takes host Asha Leo around the world to explore some of the more "out there" fashion styles... Hence the aptly-named title Style Out There. The first episode takes Leo to the Harajuku district of Tokyo to meet some of the most unique street style stars in the area (have you heard of the Decora trend!?).

We had the pleasure to meet Asha and help her select some CR pieces to take with her around the world (literally) and asked her a few questions about her travels.  Check out her answers below and make sure to check back on Refinery29 for new episodes each week. 

I absolutely loved the blue dress I wore in Japan. Im a BIG fan of color and print so this dress ticks all the boxes. The tie dye print on the fit and flare shape gives it a youthful sophistication. And, I love a dress with pockets! Also, the fabric choice meant it was perfect for traveling, its easy to wear, and maintains its shape, as well as being super comfy.

I took two books with me; one was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Its my first time reading it, and I felt it was appropriate as its a story about personal growth, travel and adventure. I was also recently a guest judge on Project Runway, and having studied the show before I made an appearance I was thoroughly impressed by Tim Gunn.  So, the other book I traveled with was Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. A must have for any discerning fashion lover, its a smart and knowledgeable journey through the history of fashion. Something I felt that would me put into context all the stories I was coming across as we travelled the globe.

Asha is wearing our Fall '14 Bonded Seamed Waist Dress in Space Dye

Definitely pants! We flew one whole loop of the globe. That’s A LOT of long distance flights. The only way I can sleep on planes is to curl up into the most contorted positions. Pants are a necessity!

Sandals, as I love to have my toes free.

There were 4 of us in our crew, and we spent every day for 30 days, 24/7 together. Honestly, unless I was asleep, I was with the boys. As you can imagine tension at times ran quite high, often from sheer exhaustion. So we had a song that we played that basically grounded us. MC Hammer’s, You Can’t Touch This! No matter how tired, frustrated, angry, upset you were. When it played, it just helped to remind us that nothing needed to be taken that seriously and it always calmed the situation.

Asha is wearing our Denim Jumpsuit

Asha is wearing our Bonded Sweatshirt and Bonded Short Skirt in White Jeweled Floral.

Make sure to check back on Refinery29 to see where Asha and the Style Out There team heads next!