Cynthia Rowley

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The Other Magical Kingdom | T Mag

More from Bhutan! Check out T Mag to hear more about Cynthia and family's hike up the himalyas and what travelling as a family means to her! Some of our favorite photos and quotes below:

...the journey was inspired by a life-changing trip she took to Tibet many years ago, and the familiar itch to find “that place again that was untouched and unspoiled and where the culture’s preserved.”

“We climbed straight up a mountain in the Himalayas for six hours — 13,000 thousand feet with a 9-year-old. They said she’s the youngest person that they thought had ever done this.” When the family woke up in the yak-hair tents at the campsite, the ground was covered in snow.

Gigi and Kit were honored with certificates for making the climb!

Happiness in Bhutan

What better day to be IN Bhutan but on #HappinessDay? Did you know Bhutan is the only nation that measures Gross National Happiness? Yep, the Bhutanese came up with a way to measure happiness because they value quality of life so much in their culture. Cynthia shared some photos with us today that shows serenity, peacefulness, and happiness are clearly happening during her visit!

Sitting with the chanting monks.

Me and the girls, pure happiness in the Himalayas!