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Cynthia Rowley

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Done Runnin’. Definitely Relaxing. Dominican Republic.

Where were you when 2011 turned into 2012?

Me, you ask? I was in a little piece of heaven on earth, aka the local town square of Cabrera, DR.

The hubs, the kids, and I went south with friends for the año nuevo (<-- showing off my Spanish stylings!). We arrived at our hotel at dawn. The Catalina, check them out here, is truly a fantasy. While we are surely the surfing, low-maintenance, beach bum type... we take relaxation very seriously, and the Catalina villas were perfect. Below are pictures of morning crepes on the veranda and massages right on the Playa Grande beach just paces from our villa.

As you might learn from these pictures, the family motto which we all carry close to our hearts is...."eat when you can.. sleep when you can..."

This is the !7th! NYE i have spent with dear friend Celerie Kimble. If you are not familiar with her interior design work... you should be. I know this is a travel post, but I can't resist. Here's just a snapshot of her talent:

Our families, along with a tribe of other free spirited friends did a lot of surfing and lounging. Pictured below is yours truly catching waves, and our good friend (and devastatingly talented painter) Jules Bettencourt catching some ZZZ's (attempting a pre-party disco nap in truth..)

I wore some of my favorite pieces from Resort 2012 for the celebration in Cabrera’s town square including fireworks and live music. It was awesome to be spared the dutiful, stuffy Auld Lang Syne for some ROCKIN! salsa.

I must say it was a wonderful time.

I wish all of you peace and happiness in 2012.

If you need me, I'll be in my design studio going bonkers preparing for NYFW...