Cynthia Rowley

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Thanksgiving in Trinidad

Thanksgiving...I always give thanks for a few days off! It can be tough to get away, so discovering Trinidad was like finding a hidden treasure in the Caribbean! The island is easy to get to and had everything on my adventure checklist. I have a friend there who is an artist, Che Lovelace; he took us to a gallery opening and we met tons of cool people. Later, we headed to the beach for a few days for a more rustic, beach and surf. I love that you hear music wherever you go and the local food is fantastic! You have to try the 'bake and shark' sandwich and wash it down with a Stag beer at Maracas beach. Toco, fun waves and no one but us in the water. The locals all go to neighboring island, Tobago for beach weekends - we're saving that for the next trip!