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Is it just us or is everything about a Wes Anderson movie so awesome!? With our latest Spring delivery, we can't help but share one of our inspo photo of Richie Tenenbaum.  The athletic details worn by the ficticious tennis prodigy was just one of many Spring 14 presentation inspirations.

Featuring racer stripes and sweatbands, our Athletic Aesthetic group has us ready for some Spring so we can hit the outdoor tennis courts. Since it's not Spring weather just yet here in NYC, we'll resort to rocking a new embroidered headband to the movies... obviously to go see Wes Anderson's lastest film, Grand Budapest Hotel. Pretty excited about that!






from Mr. Powers Eyewear collection no. 97  









Oscars 2014

Enjoy the show last night!? Congratulations to the stunning Lupita Nyong'o on her win for Best Supporting Actress! Earlier this year, Cynthia had the pleasure of hosting a luncheon for 12 Years a Slave with the talented actress.

Mom Moments with Mom Filter

Between the craziness of Fashion Week, Cynthia sat down with Mom Filter to share some of her moments as a mom. Check some of our favorite quotes and photos below and click to read the entire article

"you know you’re a mom when you see more people before 9am than you ever did."

On Bedtime Stories:

"Gigi’s full on Fatal Attraction. She’ll be snoring, she’s that asleep, but the minute I get out of her bed, she will grab me and not let me leave. She doesn’t want to miss anything."

On Travel:

"You get to be with your kids 24  hours a day and that’s awesome. You go to sleep, wake up, and have the whole day together."

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