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Cynthia talks Holiday

The holidays are in full swing and though we don't all love the colder months (ie: Cynthia) the endless festivities help to make the sharp chill a bit more managable. Find out what tops CR's winter essentials list and which of those slightly cliche traditions she just cannot resist.

What is your winter essential?

CR: I dread being cold! Recently though, I've realized if you really dress for it (just like your mother told you!) the winter really isn't so bad. That being said, my essentials are the basics: hat, gloves and a great [coat]. When it comes to your coat, it's important to have some choices. I like light weight [down jackets], worn army style, mainly just something that's good for day and night

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

CR: I grew up in the midwest and lucky enough that my parents still live in the monument of my idealist childhood, so I always try to go back home for at least 48 hours (short and sweet!). It's like entering a [Norman Rockwell] painting, but even with all that, I'm always looking forward to getting back to the New York City. I'm so happy to call myself a New Yorker, I try to take in all the classic (even a little cliche) holiday traditions like the [Rockefeller Center] Christmas tree lighting, browsing all the holiday windows and catching the [Radio City Christmas Spectacular].

What will you be gifting this year?

CR: I'm pretty lucky because most of the girls on my list just want clothes and accessories this year - and now I also have [Dreampop] for the young ones! My hubby and I always give each other [art] for the holidays.

1. Turtle Necklace  |  2. Envelope Clutch  |  3. Metallic Foil Crew Tee  |  4.  Limited Edition Feather Skirt


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