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Introducing CuRious Candy

Cynthia Rowley recently celebrated the opening of its newest retail location; a four-story townhouse at 78th Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. With uptown quickly becoming the new downtown, Rowley brings the chic sensibility of the Bleecker Street outpost to Madison Avenue. The townhouse opened in February 2013 and has quickly become a shopping destination, offering apparel, accessories, art and its tastiest collection to date, CuRious Candy. “When we found this architectural jewel, I wanted to create an environment and product mix that would always surprise and delight,” said Rowley.

The four-story townhouse is entered through a gated courtyard which renowned event designer Raúl Àvila has transformed into a twisted, overgrown, visual fantasy that hints at the experience to come. The first floor houses her eponymous boutique with an array of apparel and accessories including bonded dresses, sequin shorts, floral print dresses and summer staples like swimwear and wetsuits. Customers are immediately drawn up the enchanting staircase, inviting them to experience CuRious Candy. From custom piñatas and party décor to hard candy figurine centerpieces, the CuRious experience promises to surprise and delight. The CuRious staff, wardrobed in noir-ish, fitted uniforms, with lace collars will spin you a tuft of black licorice cotton candy or the flavor of the week.


43 East 78th Street
New York, NY
Mon-Sat 11a-7p
Sun 11a-6p