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The romantic power color

It's no surprise we admire a bold red lip (who doesn't?!) -- and not to be all holiday giddy once again, but the holidays scream red -- for obvious reasons. Needless to say, it was vital we celebrate our favored power hue by dedicating a post solely to two delectable finds: [Crimson Noir Lip Color] and [Lost Cherry Ultra Shine Lip Gloss] by the notable Tom Ford. Since red is already so stand-out on its own, try the look with minimal eye make and a bit of highlighter to compliment bone structure (how to: start at the outer eyebrow bone and blend along the temple, then around and across the top of the cheekbone (in a C motion) adding any excess onto the forehead, nose and chin). Take this look from workday into the after hours for a powerful, yet oh-so romantic appeal.

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